Imagine an awakened and reformed church coming from the West. Deploying a company of forerunners who DRIVE OUT and DISPEL the depravity and darkness in our cities. They would ascend every mountain of influence in America initiating heavens culture to restore justice to impure secular systems, resetting the American church, culture and our nation as a whole. An authentic movement resuscitating the western church out of a cold comatose, and
back to a breathing, living organism. A movement not only marked by PREACHING or PROGRAMS, but by fresh PASSION, PURPOSE, PRESENCE, POWER AND PRECEPTS!



R.O.A.R. is an acrostic that represents the four missing ingredients that today’s modern church must regain. Releasing the “R.O.A.R” represents: “Righteousness, Order, Awakening, and Reformation." The A.R.C. has been assigned to reintegrate these fourfold spiritual focuses back into the American church so we may experience genuine revival.

As an awakened and reformed body of believers, real revival can come. We will be able to affect every mountain of influence and bring a NEW REFORMATION to every sector of society, thus becoming a radical regime of “REFORMERS!"


R=“RIGHTEOUSNESS”   biblically this dynamic speaks of how “God is making us RIGHT before Him, so we can we go and make things right FOR Him (spiritual and societal justice)."

O = “ORDER”              This dynamic birthed from restored righteousness illuminates us to rediscover where and how we have deviated from God’s intents and ideals in people, principle and practice.

   A = “AWAKENING”  This dynamic after identifying His order brings us supernatural eye opening experiences that scripture calls awakening. This is when our eyes are illuminated to properly "see" what God’s desire and dream for His church is to correctly reflect. 

R =“REFORMATION”    all of these dynamics converge to birth societal and systemic change. Reformers begin to arise to take action and “rebuild the former foundations” revisiting the blueprint God intended. This is reflected historically as seen in the first century church in book of Acts. Those who turn cities upside down!